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Enjoy your child's art on your very own greeting cards!


How do I see my child’s art?


·      Visit

·      Click on “To Order”

·      Use our school’s access code   SC55

·      Use the drop-down menu to find your child’s teacher    

·      Enter your child’s first name to see their masterpiece!


How will I get my order?


1.    The Card Project can ship your order to your home address (a shipping fee of $12 applies). Delivery will be 2-3 weeks.




2.    Free shipping to the school will be available when classes resume. You can place your order now without payment. The Card Project will contact you to confirm your order, delivery time, and accept payment.


Every child will still receive their free example card made with their art. We will distribute these when classes resume.


A big “Thank you!” to our teachers for encouraging creativity in the classroom. We are glad that you can see the children’s beautiful art.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Marcelle at

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